About InternationalRelationsEDU.org

In a world interconnected by global trade and commerce, and with nation states facing common issues related to everything from environmental sustainability to national security, establishing and improving relations among nations is more crucial than ever. As leaders from academia, industry, intergovernmental agencies and nongovernmental organizations alike seek to resolve global issues and achieve common goals, international relations as a field of study and applied practice has emerged as the great unifier.

InternationalRelationsEDU.org was created as a resource for those that would work to support and foster a greater level of understanding and unity among nation states working to resolve humanitarian crises, protect the environment and neutralize security threats, all while maintaining and growing a thriving global economy.

InternationalRelationsEDU.org serves as the first dedicated web resource specifically designed for the next generation of foreign policy advisors, intelligence analysts, foreign service officers, NGO program directors and the dozens of other international relations specialists that work to make the world safer, cleaner and more equitable for all people.

With state-by-state guides on how to start or advance a career in international relations, detailed explanations of international relations efforts made at the state and national levels, and feature pieces that answer many of the most important questions aspiring international relations students are likely to have, InternationalRelationsEDU.org offers a unique platform from which to explore career opportunities and education options in international relations.

Recognizing that strong business relationships among international stakeholders are inexorably linked to strong international alliances in the realm of security, humanitarian aid and the environment, InternationalRelationsEDU.org also gives due attention to international business initiatives and the value of global trade and commerce to local economies and job markets throughout the United States.