Online International Studies Degree for an International Relations Career in Delaware

In a March 2015 keynote address Delaware Governor Jack Markell was quoted as saying, “Companies involved in global trade are 20 percent more efficient, and do 25 percent more business than those who don’t.”

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Governor Markell and other business leaders know that success in global trade in Delaware relies on international business initiatives, which in turn depend on positive international relations.

Positive international relations efforts have allowed Delaware to continue to rank first in the nation for business friendliness (CNBC). The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation also ranked Delaware first in the nation for its foreign direct investment, thanks to the high percentage of the workforce employed by foreign companies.

Delaware may be small, but international trade and investment here remain robust:

  • International trade supports more than 123,000 Delaware jobs – more than one in five.
  • Foreign-owned companies employ 26,500 workers in Delaware.
  • Delaware exported $5.3 billion in goods and $3.2 billion in services in 2013.
  • Customers in 189 countries by Delaware-made goods and services.
  • Free trade agreements (FTA) have helped fuel Delaware’s rapid export growth. In 2013, $1.2 billion of goods exported in Delaware went to FTA partners.


Earning the Right Degree for a Career in International Relations

International relations jobs in Delaware exist in the profit, nonprofit, and governmental sectors. These political-science focused careers demand an understanding of the complex relationships among countries. This knowledge is most often obtained through an undergraduate or graduate education in international relations or a related field:

Bachelor Degrees in International Relations

Bachelor degrees in international relations prepare students for careers in the international public and private sectors. Graduates of these programs are able to understand the complex, political and social dynamics of international relations.

Bachelor’s degrees in international relations in Delaware may be designed as:

  • Bachelor of Arts in International Relations
  • Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs
  • Bachelor of Arts in International Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy

Students in bachelor’s degrees in Delaware have the opportunity to focus their degree program on a specific concentration, such as:

  • Global public health
  • International economics
  • International development
  • Conflict resolution
  • Security policy

In addition to choosing a topic of concentration, students of bachelor’s degrees in international relations in Delaware often choose to focus their undergraduate work on a regional theme, such as:

  • Africa
  • Middle East
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America

Graduates of bachelor’s degrees in international relations are afforded the opportunity to pursue jobs in the private, nonprofit, or public sectors:

  • Global sanctions compliance officer, international creditor
  • Program coordinator, international nonprofit
  • Global security operations center operator, international security company
  • Specialist, international publicity, international media corporation
  • Donor relations director, international nonprofit
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Master’s Degrees in International Relations

Senior-level positions in international relations demand advanced education in international relations or a related field. Foreign outreach workers for international humanitarian organizations and diplomats for governmental agencies are just a sampling of the upper-level job opportunities in international relations available to professionals with graduate degrees in international relations.

Master’s degree in international relations in Delaware may be structured as:

  • Master of Arts in International Relations
  • Master of Arts in International Affairs
  • Master of Science in Global Affairs
  • Master of Arts in Global Studies and International Relations

A master’s degree in international relations prepares students for careers in government, the private sector, and nonprofit organizations. Employers of international relations professionals are often focused on international security, sustainability, and humanitarian affairs. These graduate degree programs provide students with the substantive knowledge and skills necessary for careers related to the global agenda.

In addition to a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, admission into a master’s degree in international relations often requires students to submit:

  • A statement of purpose (essay)
  • Career goals
  • A writing sample
  • GRE scores
  • A resume

Individuals pursuing a master’s degree in international relations in Delaware often choose to focus their program on a specific topic area, such as:

  • International Development and Sustainability
  • Human Security
  • National Security and Diplomacy

Coursework within these concentrations include:

    • International Development and Sustainability
      • Environmental Anthropology
      • Environmental Health
      • Foundations of Environmental Science


    • Human Security
      • Anthropology of Public Health
      • Anthropology of Education
      • Migrants and Refugees
      • International Disasters


  • National Security and Diplomacy
    • Rights, Race, and Social Justice
    • Cybercrime and Digital Forensics
    • Homeland Security
    • International Conflict

Graduates of master’s degrees in international relations in Delaware go on to achieve senior-level positions, such as:

  • Public affairs specialist, university
  • Intelligence operations specialist, governmental security agency
  • International analyst, international energy services corporation
  • Humanitarian affairs officer, international humanitarian aid organization
  • Specialist, international publicity, international media corporation
  • International financial counselor, hospital


Delaware’s Contribution to International Trade, Security, Development, and Humanitarian Aid

Delaware’s commitment to positive international relations can be found through the work of a number of organizations:

People to People International, Delaware Chapter

People to People International enhances international understanding and friendship in Delaware through educational, cultural, and humanitarian activities. People to People International brings together people of different countries and diverse cultures.

This nonprofit organization is committed to the cooperation of groups and organizations and for the dignity of man and world peace.

World Trade Center Delaware

The World Trade Center Delaware encourages the initiation and expansion of Delaware companies in international markets through:

  • Export/important assistance
  • Business leads
  • International business training
  • S. office setup

The World Trade Center Delaware also provides regular seminars and roundtable meetings on issues of critical interest to Delaware companies operating in the global marketplace.

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Organizations in Delaware Committed to International Relations and Global Trade

Delaware Organizations Supporting International Trade

Delaware Organizations Committed to International Humanitarian Efforts

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