Salaries for Iowa Professionals in International Business and Affairs

The world is now a global marketplace where international commerce is growing at an ever-increasing rate. Government agencies in Iowa like the Iowa Economic Development Authority and the Greater Des Moines Partnership, as well as nonprofits like America’s SBDC Iowa – International Trade Resources, all work to build vital relationships with foreign governments and agencies that inevitably impact international business.

For Iowa, the links to foreign business growth are a key factor in the state’s economic health. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that between 2013 and 2014 Iowa’s exports to international markets increased 8.7 percent.


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Not surprisingly, the leading export in Iowa is corn, representing 7.7 percent of the state’s total foreign exports. Just below that, at 6.4 percent, is tractor exports. International business in Iowa represents four percent of the state’s overall private workforce with 51,200 jobs in all sectors, according to the Organization for International Investment.

Seeking a career in international business may mean becoming a Marketing Communications Specialist and handling international public relations, advertising, and product promotions for companies like Kemin Life Science in Des Moines. It could also mean working as an Account Executive where six figure incomes are not unheard of for companies such as The McCormick Company, coordinating business strategies with their Paris office from their headquarters in Des Moines.

Salaries for International Business Specialists in Iowa

One of the primary considerations when searching for jobs connected to international trade and commerce is to isolate the businesses that have foreign connections. This could be a small business that produces its products in another country, or it may be a multinational company with offices in major metro cities in Iowa and other locations around the globe.

Below are just a few examples of job titles and median salaries connected to international businesses in Iowa (Medians taken from a survey of salaries for international business positions advertised in Iowa in June 2015.):

  • Policy Program Officer, Human Protection: $59,013
  • Residential Advisor: $33,939
  • Principal Program Manager: $109,215
  • Communication Specialist: $47,307
  • Strategic Procurement Team Leader North America: $86,042
  • Internal Control and Operational Risk Specialist (EBS): $81,870

A detailed analysis of salaries for international business professionals in Iowa is shown here (US Department of Labor, 2014):

Annual mean wage
Industrial Production Managers
Purchasing Managers
Transportation Storage and Distribution Managers
Compliance Officers
Management Analysts
Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists

Salaries for International Relations Specialists in Iowa

In Iowa, a robust globally oriented economy relies on the efforts of many. This includes the work of nonprofit organizations and government agencies that have laid relational groundwork long before any business deals are struck.

International relations can come in many forms, including humanitarian efforts such as building schools and infrastructure in developing nations, to meeting with heads of state to discuss security policies.

For the career minded individual interested in international relations, jobs can be found in many categories including education, law, health and welfare, and politics.

A full analysis of salaries for various international relations specialists working out of Iowa in 2014 is shown here (US Department of Labor):

Annual mean wage
Urban and Regional Planners
Political Science Teachers Postsecondary
Foreign Language and Literature Teachers Postsecondary
Interpreters and Translators

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