Schools of International Business for Careers in Oregon

The US Department of Commerce reported that exports from Oregon to foreign markets around the world were worth $20.9 billion in 2014, representing 9.12 percent of Oregon’s total Gross State Product that year.

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Oregon has positioned itself as a regional hub for international trade and commerce through a competitive infrastructure that includes:

  • The Oregon International Port of Coos Bay
  • Port of Portland
  • BNSF rail line
  • Union Pacific rail line
  • Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport
  • Portland International Airport
  • Three interstate highways: I-90, I-84, and I-82

The US Department of Labor reports that Oregon is home to some of the highest concentrations of certain international business professionals in the nation:

  • Wholesale and Retail Buyers – Oregon has the second-highest concentration of wholesale and retail buyers in the nation, with the Eugene-Springfield area having the highest concentration of all cities in the nation
  • Marketing Managers – Oregon has the fifth highest concentration of marketing managers in the nation

International business professionals work within the private sector with the support of government agencies that help to reduce trade barriers and maintain strong trade relations:

  • Oregon Secretary of State, Marketing and International Trade
  • Business Oregon, Export Promotion Program


Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in International Business

Oregon is home to several business schools that offer degree programs in the field of international business, both online and through conventional classroom based programs.

While a bachelor’s degree in this field is often a minimum requirement for entry-level positions, holding a master’s degree in International Business can open up additional doors for career advancement or promotion.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs in International Business

Bachelor’s degree programs in Oregon available to international business majors include:

  • Bachelor of Science (BS) in International Business
  • Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Administration with a major in International Business
  • Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) in International Business

Important courses that are part of the bachelor’s program can include:

  • International trade and finance
  • Multinational corporations
  • Economic growth and development issues
  • Developing countries and international aid
  • Cross-cultural relations and communication
  • Global development and social change
  • Organization management
  • Global leadership
  • Conflict resolution and negotiation

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in International Business can pursue jobs like:

  • Overseas Personnel Assistant
  • Foreign Information Officer
  • Market Advisor Associate
  • Customs Inspector
  • Global Marketing Associate
  • Financial Analyst
  • International Accountant
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Master’s Degree Programs in International Business

Earning a master’s degree in International Business is an important step for professionals pursuing corporate leadership positions.

Prospective students will need to start by meeting the entrance requirements for their graduate school of choice. These often include:

  • Minimum scores on the GRE or GMAT
  • Completion of an undergraduate degree
  • Minimum GPA
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Essay of academic intent

The range of possible master’s degree programs available to international business majors include:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) in International Business
  • Master of International Business (MIB)
  • Master of Science in International Management (MIM)
  • Master of Science (MS) in International Business

As part of their curriculum students cover core course subjects that include:

  • International business policy
  • Global human resources management
  • Emerging markets
  • Economics and technology management
  • Statistical methods and data analysis
  • Marketing management
  • Global investment management
  • International fiscal law
  • Management of global corporations
  • Petroleum and global energy

Some master’s programs also offer students an option to choose an area of specialization. This will allow students to graduate with an emphasis on areas like:

  • International Monetary Theory and Policy
  • International Trade and Commercial Policies
  • International Law
  • Comparative Politics
  • International Information and Communication
  • International Security Studies

Upon graduation students can pursue careers that include:

  • Multinational Import-Export Manager
  • International Business Professor
  • National Security Agent
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Lead Trade Analyst
  • International Customs Manager
  • Global Market Analyst


Oregon’s Mark on International Trade and Business

The work of international business professionals drives Oregon’s state and local economies. In 2013 Oregon’s metropolitan exports totaled:

  • Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro area – $17.6 billion
  • Albany – $610 million
  • Eugene – $476 million
  • Salem – $414 million
  • Corvallis – $268 million

International business professionals mediate between the state’s leading export producers and its top global trading partners. In 2014 these countries were:

  • China – imported $4.27 billion of Oregon products
  • Canada – imported $3.11 billion of Oregon products
  • Malaysia – imported $2.57 billion of Oregon products
  • Japan – imported $1.61 billion of Oregon products
  • Korea – imported $1.24 billion of Oregon products

Oregon Secretary of State – Marketing and International Trade

An important part of the Oregon Secretary of State, the Marketing and International Trade division provides businesses with valuable resources for exporting products and engaging in international trade. Some of the programs this division sponsors are:

  • Market education and research
  • Small business international trade office
  • Government contract assistance program
  • Agricultural product marketing
  • Links to the US Export Assistance Center
  • Contacts with international trading partners and export professionals

International Business Careers in Oregon

The following examples were taken from a statewide survey conducted in July of 2015. These are provided as illustrative employment examples only:

Vice President of Global Sales with APCON in Portland this high-ranking professional is responsible for managing four sales teams – domestic, international, inside, and channel – and ensuring these meet targeted sales and customer goals. Applicants are preferred to have a master’s degree, and required to have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or equivalent.

Supply Planner with Columbia Sportswear in Portland this professional ensures company stores are stocked timely with the appropriate seasonal goods. This includes working with regional and international partners. Applicants are preferred to have an MBA, and required to have a bachelor’s degree in Business, Supply Chain Management, Economics, Accounting, or a related field.

International Import Specialist with TLR in Portland this professional is responsible for filling orders that adhere to US Customs standards, maintaining accurate records, resolving problems with customer orders, and working with other departments within the company. Applicants are required to have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent amount of education and experience.

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Local Resources for International Business Professionals

New and experienced international business professionals can find additional resources with local organizations and government agencies located throughout the state:

Government Agencies

Private and Professional Organizations

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