Salaries for Indiana Professionals in International Business and Affairs

A 2015 Reuters article revealed that international trade supports one in five U.S. jobs. It went on to indicate that employment tied to trade tends to be more profitable, paying eighteen percent more than other similar jobs. In Indiana, trade with foreign countries accounts for over six percent of the private workforce and, as of April 2015, it supported 187,000 jobs statewide. Among these are high paying international business jobs that command generous salaries due to the experience, education, and other employment qualifications required.

The joint venture of government, non-profits, and businesses working together create strong international trade channels in Illinois. In 2014 alone, Illinois captured 2.2% of all the U.S. trade markets. The state’s largest export category in 2014 was transportation equipment, accounting for $10.5 billion in total merchandise.


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Indiana government and nonprofit organizations continue to advance international relations by reaching out with educational programs, relief aide, consulting efforts, and many other measures to form strong trade ties. Each point of contact serves to reinforce trade relations with Indiana businesses abroad and at home.

Salaries for International Business Professionals in Indiana

The salary for any job relies on several key factors: employer, experience, location, authority, etc.

The US Department of Labor reports that a translator, for example, will earn a national median income of $132,000 a year. The number of jobs for these specialists, according to the Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, is expected to increase by 46% between 2012 and 2022. The salary range for this job in Indiana is $85,000 to $255,000 a year.

The salary ranges for other international business professionals in Indiana include:

  • Logisticians: $42,000 – $102,200
  • Management Analysts: $41,000- $132,200
  • Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists: $28,900 – $87,400
  • Industrial Production Managers: $52,100 – $127,200
  • Purchasing Managers: $55,000 – $136,400

Detailed salary data for other international business positions in Indiana can be seen in the table below:

Annual mean wage
Industrial Production Managers
Purchasing Managers
Transportation Storage and Distribution Managers
Compliance Officers
Management Analysts
Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists

(US Department of Labor, 2014)

Salaries for International Relations Professionals in Indiana

For businesses to connect with new international markets, both government and non-profit organizations make the process easier by creating goodwill and strong relational ties with foreign governments and agencies. The cooperative enterprise of all parties bolsters international trade relations.

For instance, Indiana International Trade and Marketing (ISDA) seeks to ensure that foreign markets remain open and viable for trade avenues in Indiana’s agricultural sector by meeting with financial investors and offering loan assistance programs.

Positions in the field of international relations vary widely. As an example, public affairs officers fall into this category. This job will typically require building international relationships with stakeholders of an organization (political or otherwise) that help to shape policy.

Jobs in international relations can be found in many government and nongovernmental organizations, including colleges, chamber of commerce offices, state offices, and federal buildings.

Salary ranges for key international relations professionals working in Indiana include:

  • Fundraisers: $26,000 – $78,900
  • Economists: $61,000 – $187,200
  • Urban and Regional Planners: $29,500 – $73,600
  • Political Science Teachers Postsecondary: $38,500 – $140,400
  • Foreign Language and Literature Teachers Postsecondary: $19,500 – $96,600
  • Political Scientists: $52,200 – $154,000 (based on national average)

Detailed salary data for other international relations positions in Indiana can be seen in the table below:

Annual mean wage
Not Available
Urban and Regional Planners
Area Ethnic and Cultural Studies Teachers Postsecondary
Political Science Teachers Postsecondary
Foreign Language and Literature Teachers Postsecondary
Interpreters and Translators

*The hourly wage is equal to or greater than $90 while the annual salary is equal to or greater than $187,199. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics does not report salary data greater than these values.

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