Salaries in Rhode Island for Professionals in International Business and Affairs

International trade and commerce makes up a substantial portion of Rhode Island’s GDP. As the state’s largest international export market, Canada alone imported 47 million dollars in plastic products from Rhode Island in 2014, according to the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service. The International Trade Administration under the Department of Commerce reported that 13,000 jobs in Rhode Island rely solely on international exports and imports, including high paying corporate positions for international business professionals working in everything from trade law compliance to supply chain management.

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Rhode Island’s main exports have to do with the varied use of scrap metal, ranging from ferrous metals for steel production to precious metals like silver powder and gold. Scrap yards and metal recycling centers are considered to be a staple for the state, and it shows in their census data.

From the diplomats and foreign outreach workers that lay the foundation for strong trade relations, to the export compliance officers and international business development directors that make global trade possible, international relations and business professionals in Rhode Island contribute significantly to the state’s economy and are well compensated for their expertise.

International Business Salaries in Rhode Island

Rhode Island, while maintaining its relationship with Canadian government officials and businesses, is expanding its international focus into countries such as Mexico and Germany and will only expand further. This means the businesses leading this expansion will further relay on international business professionals ranging from wholesale buyers and international business operations specialists, to accountants versed in international accounting standards and corporate executives with a global perspective.

Positions range from wholesale buyers who authorize purchase of large quantities of material, to business operation specialists who streamline efficiency within the corporations that move the material.

International trade and commerce generates billions of dollars in revenue for businesses throughout Rhode Island. In turn, the professionals that help make it all possible routinely earn six-figure salaries:

  • Wholesale buyers – $60,600 to $121,900
  • Business Operation Specialists – $67,800 to $106,400
  • Accountant and Auditor – $70,800 to $118,400
  • Management Analyst – $78,400 to $125,000
  • Transportation, Storage and Distribution Managers – $102,100 to $135,300

An in-depth look at the salaries for positions associated with international trade and commerce in Rhode Island can be found in the table below:

Annual mean wage
Industrial Production Managers
Purchasing Managers
Transportation Storage and Distribution Managers
Compliance Officers
Management Analysts
Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists

*The hourly wage is equal to or greater than $90 while the annual salary is equal to or greater than $187,199. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics does not report salary data greater than these values.

(Data gathered from the US Department of Labor, 2014)

Salaries in Rhode Island for Professionals in International Relations

Businesses with operations in Rhode Island have parlayed US trade agreements with 20 foreign nations into an international export market that was worth $996.4 million in 2014 alone. Trade at this level is dependent on establishing and maintaining strong relations with foreign stakeholders in government and private industry.

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As Rhode Island-based universities, nongovernmental organizations and government agencies perform outreach work and provide humanitarian aid; they strengthen Rhode Island’s standing in the international community, which has the added bonus of improving trade relations.

Organizations such as the Department of Environmental Management and Rhode Island Division of Tourism have been working to increase Rhode Island’s presence on the global stage, all while making important contributions to cultural understanding and environmental sustainability.

A survey of job vacancy announcements for international relations professionals along with data from the US Department of Labor’s 2014 estimates, reveal the typical range of salaries that can be expected in Rhode Island.

  • Interpreters and Translators – $44,200 to $53,000
  • American Red Cross Executive Director – $66,353 to $68,033
  • Director of International Student Services – $28,300 to $72,000
  • Foreign Language Teachers, Post Secondary – $71,390 to $117,000
  • Social Sciences Teachers, Post Secondary $76,580 to $151,340

A detailed analysis of salary data for international relations professionals in Rhode Island can be found below (US Department of Labor, 2014):

Annual mean wage
Urban and Regional Planners
Area Ethnic and Cultural Studies Teachers Postsecondary
Not Available
Political Science Teachers Postsecondary
Foreign Language and Literature Teachers Postsecondary
Interpreters and Translators

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